Dear Petra,
Thank you for your healing sessions. I am always filled with peace, confidence, joy and feel an expansion and deep connection with my heart after the sessions with Petra. Petra always manages to bring everything to the point with ease, humor and a crystal clear clarity, the right questions, your foresight and intuition and to bring about transformation and healing. For me she has a universal, divine laser beam, which comes from the heart and fills everything with all-encompassing love. Through the work with Petra I come more and more into my essence, my heart quality and creativeness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
From the heart Catherine Jane S., Switzerland
Dear Petra,
I was able to enjoy a session with you and I did not know what to expect. I have been on the path to me and my original power for 2 years and have already released many inhibitions and blockages. However, I have never worked with my ancestors, or only so marginally. Through you this has changed for me. What has also changed is my infinite basic trust, my energy level is much higher and through that I feel a lightness. You have given me important inputs regarding my daughter, which I lost sight of. We now live very peacefully together and the trust and love has grown. The session you did with me also helped her a lot. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you. If you had asked me what I expect? I would have said nothing. I am happy when something happens. I never thought that so much would happen within me and around me.
Thank you. Thank you 1000...Sandra J., Switzerland
I had a very relaxed conversation with Petra. Our goal was to clarify whether various blockages were preventing me from concentrating my activities on a few aspects. Petra was able to show me that the cause of my many activities was an unfinished work of grief. She released this blockage very effectively in her gentle, empathetic way. In this way she was able to help me find the key points that were blocking me. Already after a few days I am much more balanced inside, I concentrate on the beautiful things in life, I work less and more focused. I am very grateful for this insight Petra has given me.
Thank you very much for your support, dear Petra. Edeltraud H., Germany
Petra accompanied me for three months. I had problems with my left shoulder and could hardly move my arm up and back. In the 3 months we had six personal meetings. These meetings were always very intense and exhausting. A lot of issues that weighed heavily on my shoulders were worked on with a lot of care, mindfulness and empathy. It was always fascinating for me how Petra can empathize with situations and what she is able to sense. At the end of each meeting, the issues were always well concluded or resolved, so I could go home with a good feeling. If feelings or questions still arose after an appointment, I could always contact Petra. There was always a very prompt feedback and the questions could be clarified. I received many good tips, suggestions and instructions for my everyday life. After the three months, I can move my arm almost pain-free. I am very grateful for Petra's valuable time. If necessary, I will be happy to contact Petra again and again.
Kind regards M.M., Germany
Dear Petra, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Without your help I would not be where I am now. You have resolved so many blocks, brought my soul back to life and made me so strong that I have overcome many hurdles lately that I would not have managed on my own. So much can be resolved and worked on in just a few sessions. I am so grateful that we met and I am looking forward to many more encounters and clearings that will unfold me. A. W., Austria
Dear Petra,
Your workshop was very inspiring and a very valuable contribution - it continued to have an effect for a long time. Thank you for your many impulses, for your pinpoint precision, which is simply unbelievable - you are really a phenomenon.
The group did the rest, somehow you can use almost everything that someone says for yourself, keyword discipline from one participant.That evening you reminded me of your trademark - the sunflower.Since then miracles upon miracles happen - sensational.Thank you very much for everything
Silvia S., Germany
With Petra I was able to release a big blockage. In 6 sessions I was able to experience how powerfully and yet very sensitively she solved issues that seemed unsolvable to me. My life has changed very positively, the lightness has taken hold and many things that seemed difficult to me, now go easily from the hand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Petra for your wonderful service. Corinna K., Switzerland

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