"Highly Sensitive, Multi-talented, Scanner, Highly talented ...
Extraordinary Talents, that desire
to be accepted and integrated into life.
Often we don't even realize that we have talents and gifts, because they are so "normal" and self-evident for us. But have you ever asked yourself what you really are so good at, what comes so easily to you that it is hardly worth mentioning? 

You just do it. Look around you and see who in your environment can do it as well, with this joy and ease. You will be amazed by what truly lies within you.

Highly sensible / Highly sensitive / Fine sensitive / Clairfeeling / Clairvoyant ...

perceive sounds, smells, feelings, moods, images, pain, etc. very intensively. Often they have the impression of a sensory overload and then need more time and space for themselves to process, to refuel, to arrive within themselves again.Maybe others call you "sensitive", "thin-skinned", " fragile", "You can hear the fleas coughing", "Don't always act like that", "You with your X-ray vision".Quite a lot of evaluations, yes, and they describe you and your talents.Is it time to embrace them and welcome them, as what they are ~ a wonderful part of you?

Multi-talented / Scanner

have many different interests and abilities. They can't decide on one thing, want to do many things at the same time and therefore feel somehow "not normal", sometimes even overwhelmed. Scanners often have a wonderful overview of what is happening, projects, situations, etc., know what the next step is, what is needed.It is important to first acknowledge this and to filter out what is real, own interest and what is distraction. In a team, it is important to communicate who is taking on what tasks. What an asset to one's own life and others. Ready for acknowledging and integrating that?

Highly talented ~ they are found in many different areas

and they get enthusiastic about one topic, dive into its deepest depths and feel truly at home there. Often there is hardly any time for anything else.It is important that they first recognize and acknowledge themselves for this extraordinary gift and find out how and what works for them in life. This makes being with others easier and much more joyful.
Have you felt addressed and found yourself in some or all of the descriptions? Has your heart opened and has a relief "spread"? If so, I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful uniqueness and the many gifts that you have to give to yourself and the world.

Maybe now you would like to find out more and turn your apparent weakness into your greatest strength that you can rely on 100%? And one more important note: Children are our future ... How wonderful would it be to give children the opportunity from the very beginning to lovingly nurture their special qualities, gifts and abilities according to their needs and to strengthen their self-confidence? Of course, this only works together with the parents. We are sitting in the same boat, so to speak, and looking in the same direction.

To get an idea of how I can assist you individually and/or your child, let’s have a first conversation to clarify.


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