Development Opportunities

"Be the change you wish to see in this world."
Mahatma Gandhi

Are you already the #1 in Your Life?

This may be a somewhat provocative question, but in a figurative sense it's like the oxygen masks on an airplane. Who do you (really) put them on first? 

It can be decisive for life, in other situations it can be directional ...

More clarity and ease in your life

What does clarity mean to you?
What does ease mean to you?
What would happen if you had more clarity and ease in your life?
- what would your life look like then?
What would be different?
A new apartment, a different job, time for a long desired hobby?
Living in another country? Just more time for yourself?

Knowing and setting your own boundaries

How would you feel if you decided where your boundaries are?
What if you dare and encourage yourself to try new things?
And in so doing, expand your comfort zone?
What would be different in your life if you communicated your needs and your own ideas and enthusiastically implemented them - regardless if others joined in or not?

Saying "No" when you mean "No" / Saying "Yes" when you mean "Yes"

What if you authentically said "No"?
How does that feel?
Can it be that when you say "No" to others or to a situation,
you are giving yourself a "Yes"?
This might give you a different perspective and new doors can open?

Strengthen self-confidence and self-value

What do you really love and would like to come into the world through you?
What would it be, if you live your life and realize what is right and good for you
- that just feels easy?
What would your choices feel like if it doesn't matter what others think, believe or
have a point of view?
Would it be possible that exactly those people would then come into your life,
who resonate with you?
How does that feel?

Knowing and leveraging your own capabilities ~ for yourself and others

What if you let your skills, talents and abilities flow freely?
How would it feel if your ideas became reality?

Activate your self-healing power

What if, for example, your shoulder or knee were fully mobile and
able to bear weight again?
What would you love to do (again) right away?
What would the regained mobility mean for you and your life?
How does it feel?
Is it creating a space, a wideness, where so much more is possible?
As diverse people are, as different are their experiences and motivations.
One is common to all: it is about you ... to meet yourself in love and goodwill.

In a first conversation we can clarify how I can assist you in this process.


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