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Since childhood I have been curious about this wonderful world - there is so much to discover - asking many questions whose answers sometimes take a long time to come. I love to travel, to get to know different, distant countries, other cultures and mentalities and to be surprised again and again how different and unique we all are. I love to move myself / this wonderful body (starting with gymnastics, skiing, volleyball, tennis, inline skating, cycling, hiking, windsurfing, SUPing), to play music and to always try something new, sometimes to get a taste of it - sometimes to refine it. My creativity, flexibility, different interests and intuition are my faithful companions that inspire me and also always let me explore new paths.

When I was 17, I had a dream: After graduating from high school, I would go to San Francisco as an au pair. And, after some back and forth, organizing, talking to people about my dream, etc., I was actually on the plane to the West Coast of the USA in May 1986. Along the way, I studied "English as a second language", took advantage of many opportunities to get to know the country and its people, and also traveled around the USA a lot. So many new experiences, people, landscapes, insights ... the year flew by and I was already back in Berlin. I did an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk - I never wanted to work in an office, but it must be good for something - and it really was! After successfully completing the apprenticeship and nine months working in human resources, I was drawn to the USA again. This time to Colorado, where I accepted a position as an office manager in the event management sector for personality development for business managers.

This made my heart beat faster and I was invited to participate in this seminar for a whole week. Wow, there are such simple tools to value people (employees) and motivate them through honest communication and voluntary sharing of information.

These insights and experiences set new impulses, which were and still are very path breaking for me. So I started to observe and perceive more consciously; to question people's behavior, thought patterns, believes and spoken words. An inherent talent of mine, which since then is much more consciously my reliable companion.

Back in Germany, I worked in different business areas as an assistant in national and international companies in Coburg and Berlin. 

And some questions accompanied me in all companies: Why don't people from different departments work together? Why is information not simply passed on? We all work for the same company and have the same destination. Together we can achieve much more ... I must have had a very different attitude, view and perspective - I must have been ahead of the times ... Anyway, I took advantage of the seminars offered in the areas of personal development, time management and organization.

Another impulse of the heart made me move to Western Allgäu near Lake Constance in November 2009. During my evening studies to become a psychological consultant I attended further seminars and trainings. I wanted to find answers (more on the outside) until I slowly started to realize that I can find them more and more only within myself - with inspirations and impulses also from the outside. It is probably the most exciting journey of discovery I have been on since then.

As life plays, I had a new vision in 2021 and after a trip to the Mecklenburg Lake District, I packed up a lot of things again, "cleared out" so many things and moved to Waren at the Mueritz in March 2022. A wonderful, high-energy area with its partly very original nature, the many lakes and animals, especially birds. Here I can so wonderfully let my soul dangle, recharge, take a break and get inspired for new things and new projects.

A very courageous step, as a dear friend of mine said. And honestly, I once again did not think long, but followed my inner voice and my heart.

Let's see what life has in store for us in terms of experiences. I love it and look forward to creating, co-creating, following the inner impulses, simply living, laughing, with joy, humor and lightness ~ and the many breaks in between to recharge, to listen, to be where I am right now - in this moment.

I love life ... and I hope from the bottom of my heart: 
you love it too.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me and we will discuss everything personally.


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