With joy, intuition and creativity to individual solutions.
What are your Heart’s Desires ...
... that you would like to bring into the world, or your intentions that motivate you to actively give your life a new direction? What makes you happy? You may be standing at a junction right now, calling on you to take decisions.
Whatever it is that drives you ... together we will formulate your desired goal and find the access to your inner resources, competencies and personal strengths that make you shine. Everything is individually aligned with you, your concerns and your needs. You can look forward to an exciting journey of discovery, where you will meet more of yourself and create a new, stable basis. Possible saboteurs, blockages, fears, thinking patterns, beliefs, etc. melt like ice in the sun - gently and playfully.

I love clarity and simplicity, accompanied by joy, laughter, crying and a large portion of humor. My motto: Not dramatic but pragmatic and holistic. On this journey we go to various levels, because everything is somehow interconnected. I may sometimes not say the words you would like to hear and I may not speak at the volume you feel comfortable with. But I'm always by your side, showing or sharing with you my point of view, which may not necessarily coincide with yours at that moment. And I will let you know what I consciously perceive in that moment, and always including you.
Because I'm grateful you're here and for your courage.
Because you are important and I love you.
My innermost desire is to see you grow into your true self and live your best life
~ with a big smile on your face, sparkling creativity and full of zest for life.

HERE and NOW - not at some time.

If you feel addressed, let's talk on the phone or meet via Zoom. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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Read more about some "tools" from my "enchanting" suitcase

Systemic constellations

Everything is a system in which all is related to all - e.g. partnership, family, work, school, our body. Whether these have a strengthening or weakening, supporting or inhibiting, light or heavy effect on us, we often are not aware of. Together, we start at these systemic connections, because experience shows that this is exactly where the solutions are found.

CQM (Chinese Quantum Method)

CQM is a goal- and solution-oriented mental method. With it, habits, unconscious thought patterns and beliefs, long forgotten or rejected experiences, traumas, interference fields, etc. can be traced and "corrected", resulting in choices to shape one's own life in a self-determined way, which only now become visible and thus realizable. Other points of view and perspectives, new doors open to view experiences and circumstances with a healthy distance.

The Genius Report

Some of your talents and potentials are immediately visible. There are no endless catalogs of questions or typifications. The Genius Report is based on the knowledge of Human Design.
If you would like to have more information, please click on this link.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is an easy-to-learn method for self-relaxation. The conscious concentration on one's own body enables a more intensive perception, which leads to deep inner relaxation, calmness and balance.


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