Be Yourself

the most important human being in your life,
full of joy, playful ease, ...
and remember who you truly are.

Key to Happiness

Everybody carries all knowledge, all abilities,
all talents and skills within themselves
to live a self-determined, fulfilled and happy life.
In the deepness of our heart, we know exactly what benefits us, what makes us happy. But sometimes it is a very big challenge to feel 
this inherent wisdom and power, and to give space to the inner voice to hear its whisper. The outer world is often so loud,
glaring and fast-moving - full of distractions.

Do you then sometimes feel as if you are cut off from yourself, determined by others and cannot focus on your own wishes and goals
as it would be coherent for you? Maybe you then "rush" after others instead of reflecting on your own pace and
courageously "let the others go" in order to reconnect with yourself.

What if you could better clarify and understand the signals of your body, your soul and your environment?
Could this be the key to your freedom?

I wish you with all my heart that you dance happily, lightly and cheerfully through your life
and that you do on our beautiful earth what you love most.

When you feel addressed and seen in the description above, then it is about time,
to go your own, new ways.

The best way to find out how I can support you is in a personal conversation on the phone or via Zoom.

Life offers so many surprises and adventures - and it's always FOR YOU. So, do you have the desire to get engaged in your life? 

I am looking very much forward to meeting you.
Warm greetings, Petra

For you
an inspiration card to download.

What makes you shine and puts a smile on your face?


Development Opportunities


Petra Sommerfeld

Experiencing and getting engaged in new things - curious for the world and life itself.

Workshops & Seminars

In planning ~ online and in person:

High Sensitivity
Exceptional Perception
Recognize & strengthen abilities

Being in the moment
End acceleration, reduce stress

Experience Nature
Sharpen our senses

Just check back for updates or write me.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me and we will discuss everything face to face.


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